Quality control raw materials and productions.

At Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd., quality management includes quality characteristics’ control at the following stages of the product life cycle:

Control of incoming raw materials

All the lots of zinc and zinc-containing materials arriving at Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd. undergo quality check with an emission spectrometer.

Result: substandard raw materials are not released into production and are returned to the Supplier.

Finished product quality control.

Laboratory assistants collect samples of the finished products on a shift basis to check for compliance of the parameters with regulatory documents.

If a Customer needs values that are not regulated by GOST, the laboratory will perform additional assessment of the finished product for compliance with such parameters as required by the Customer.

Result: substandard product is prevented to be supplied to the Customer.

Additional feature:

- a gravity separation scheme is integrated in the process for zinc oxide manufacturing at Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd. Purpose: more selective zinc oxide separation and grading.

The main task of Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd. laboratory is to ensure that the products comply with GOST 202-84, TU 20.30.21-001-12763691-2018, and also with additional requirements of the Customer.