About of Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd

About Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd

Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd. is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of zinc oxide. The enterprise history goes back to 2004 when a zinc oxide plant was founded, which had been successfully operating from 2004 to 2012. In 2012, manufacturing was suspended. However, in 2017 a new team was put at the head of the enterprise.

To sum up, since 2017 Bellit Manufacturing Complex Ltd. has:

  • resumed zinc oxide manufacturing;
  • completely revised its approach to product quality and set the priority for oxide manufacturing in compliance with GOST 202-84;
  • made agreements with the largest manufacturers of zinc oxide-based products.

Currently, the company manufactures 2,500 ton zinc oxide per year, which corresponds to 7% of the entire Russian zinc oxide market. Meanwhile, capacities of the plant make it possible to produce up to 6,000 tons zinc oxide annually.

The products of the Manufacturing Complex Bellit Ltd. have been successfully tested at the majority of largest enter-prises of chemical, rubber, ceramic and oilfield service industries.

In 2019:

  • The company increased the amount of shipped products by 2.5 times YoY.
  • The company purchased an emission spectrometer in order to independently assess the quality of incoming raw mate-rials; qualified its laboratory for compliance with metrological requirements.
  • First long-term export agreements were made.

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