Zinc oxide Red seal

Zinc oxide Red seal

The synthesis of Red seal zinc oxide

Red seal zinc oxide is a synthetic white inorganic pigment, which is a zinc oxide obtained from high-quality zinc waste (hard zinc, dross).


The product of the Red seal brand is used for the production of zinc phosphate, phosphating concentrates, rubber products with low quality indicators, and the oilfield service industry.


Red seal is the most budget-friendly product in the line of oxides "Production complex "BELLIT" LLC. It is used in the areas where this product meets the requirements of the Buyer, while forming a significant reduction in the cost of finished products due to the low selling price.


Packaging, marking, transportation and storage are made in paper bags and soft containers in accordance with the packaging required by the Buyer.

All products are delivered on wooden or plastic pallets.

The warranty period of storage is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Technical data sheet zinc oxide red seal

Technical data sheet Zinc oxide Red seal

Cas No1314-13-2/EINECS No215-222-5


Zinc oxide Red seal

#Name of indicatorsTest methodTargets and Limits
1 Mass content of ZnO, % DIN 55908 99,0
2 Mass content of Lead, % ASTM D4075
DIN 55908
3 Mass content of Cadmium, %, max ASTM D4075
DIN 55908
4 Mass content of Copper, %, max ASTM D4075
DIN 55908
5 Mass content of Manganese, %, max ASTM D4075
DIN 55908
6 Mass content of Iron, %, max DIN 55908 0,2
7 Loss at 105℃, %, max ASTM D280 0,1
8 Sieve residue 325 Mesh, %, max ASTM D4315 0,2
9 Mass content of unsolved residue in HCl, %, max DIN 55908 0,1
10 Mass content of water-soluble residue, %, max DIN 55908 0,2
11 Specific surface (BET), m2/g ISO 18852
ASTM D4075
DIN 55908
4,0 - 6,0
12 Bulk dencity, g/l ASTM D7481-09 450 ± 100


  • Paper bag 25kg net
  • Big bag 500-1000 kg net


  • Store in clean and dry areas (by MSDS)
  • Shelf life is 12 month